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Repair and replacement of sewer lines

It can be aggravating facing a sewer line leak or block as a homeowner. In addition to the awful smell and messy cleaning of a compromised sewer pipe, it can be challenging to pinpoint the root cause of your sewer problem. To assist prevent sewer line damages or mitigate a problem when it develops, it is important to recognize how to find the main reasons for sewer line damages. These are the typical causes of a damaged sewer line, you should look for a sewer repair and replacement business that can assist you.

Root Causes Of Sewer Line Damage

One of the most common culprits, when there is a sewer issue, is a blockage. These clogs usually start with things you’re doing in your home that are unintentionally damaging your drains. For instance, flushing anything except waste and toilet paper is destined to create a blockage, including wet wipes that may claim to be flushable. Pouring grease down any type of drain is a recipe for catastrophe, as is placing way too much down the garbage disposal at the same time. Roots growing into sewer lines is another usual cause of line damages. Although you can’t modify the position of trees that are previously on your residential property, avoid planting anything new near your sewer line that has roots that could do damage. Sometimes, sewer lines are simply old and collapse. If you see the signs of sewer line damage, like backed-up drains, call plumbing professional for repairs before the damage gets worse.

What are the Most Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage?

Many house owners do not put much effort into evaluating the problem of the sewer lines around the house. They quietly allow you and your family to stay in comfort until of course, something creates those lines to clog or break down. While it may be tough to identify what are the most common root causes of sewer line damage, having your local plumbing professional clean the lines annually can go a long way in protecting your plumbing from one of the following root causes of damages.

Sewer repair and Drain Cleaning

With the waste collectors, this is a simple operation, it is attacked from the manholes, however the pressure networks are not usually developed for these eventualities, so the tasting will have to be opened in an available location, as close as possible to the circumstance, we insert the repair kits there and move them inside the tube to the damaged point.

When should I replace my main sewer line repair?

Generally, a person can expect an easy fifty years of life before seeing significant problems from their sewer piping and needs sewer pipe replacement.

It has actually been shown that several leaks or damage in the water supply and distribution, in addition to the sanitation networks, lie in the links or in a branch, so we must take this into account and not control just the main pipelines.

Repairs to the pipeline will normally be carried out by opening testing the damaged point and repairing the pipeline from the outside.

In specific situations, the point in question can not be accessed for whatever reason, because it is under a railroad track, a major highway, a building, etc. then it will have to be repaired without opening the aforementioned tasting, that is, from inside the tube to be repaired.

Residential Sewer Repair

Sewage backups pose health risks triggered by contamination from harmful bacteria and mold, so your building’s problem needs to be addressed as promptly sewer repair as possible. A blocked or broken sewer line is the apparent culprit. Fortunately, there is a noninvasive method of checking the condition of the pipe as well as a less intrusive and less expensive way to repair the pipe than digging up the ground. If the pipeline is badly damaged or collapsed, nevertheless, there’s no alternative other than excavating and replacing the section of pipe– and possibly the whole line.

The choice to sewer repair or replace a pipe will largely be established by the level of the damages. If the video probe shows that the pipe has minor cracks, or the interior surface of a concrete pipe is worn or pitted, then an approach of repair called cured-in-place pipeline (CIPP) may be used. In Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining, the pipe is the first jet cleaned from the inside to eliminate any deterioration, deposits, or debris. An inflatable felt liner is then cut to the length of pipe being repaired and saturated with an epoxy resin on the outside. The wet liner is placed into the pipeline, and hot water or heavy steam is poured in, inflating the lining so it presses against the pipeline’s internal wall, filling cracks, minor holes, and worn surfaces with the epoxy resin. After the material cures, the liner is decreased and extracted, leaving behind the hardened material, which now forms a seamless, structurally sound pipe within a pipeline. A robotic cutting tool restores the holes where other pipes connect to the line.

The main advantage of the Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining technique is that (Trenchless Sewer Repair) as the name implies, the pipes are repaired in place, removing the need for excavation and pipe replacement (which is why it’s also known as “trenchless technology”). Additionally, the epoxy-lined walls of the cured-in-place pipe are smoother than concrete, cast iron, or clay pipes, so they are more resistant to corrosion and calcium build-up and permit a greater flow of water. Companies that produce and set up CIPP claim the epoxy-cured pipes last 50 years or more.


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